Slowing down the clock of aging

JK Slow aging

Lifting, filling in lost volume, and smoothening without any incisions – Naturally, quickly, and effectively.

Aging Gracefully – Harmony & Balance

  • Aging!Prevention is the most important step of aging.

    Nasolabial fold, eyelid wrinkles, sagging skin, dull skin
    Sagging body and fat, sagging eyes, forehead wrinkles
    Aging is a gradual process, noticed only in photos over time.
    Prevention: the most important factor in aging.

    Prevent aging for not only aesthetics, but to improve your overall quality of life –
  • 01 JK 3D Thread Lifting Smooth and vibrant skin without surgery

    Using thread with a newly developed threaded three-dimensional swivel that compensates for the flaws of existing thread lifting, the excess skin is uniformly and firmly lifted just like lifting a cork from a wine bottle.

    The thread used for JK 3D thread lifting is made of PDO certified by the U.S. FDA or Korea KFDA for securing facial excess skin, and is effective in face lifting and is absorbed naturally in the body after a certain period of time.
    The type, number, part and method of thread inserted to suit the condition of individual aging can be adjusted to ensure safe operation. Quick return back to daily life and satisfactory results are achieved.

Operation Method

  • Powerful Super Bard made by molding technique provides a long-lasting lifting effect.

  • The 360-degree tornado structure has powerful traction therefore it firmly lifts sagging skin creating a beautiful V-line.

  • Type of Anesthesia


  • Stitch Removal


  • Operation Time

    Around 40 minutes

  • Hospitalization


  • 02 Ultrasound – Laser Lifting Lifting becomes a daily routine with Ultrasound – Laser Lifting

    Lifting effect through skin regeneration

JK Doublo Gold Lifting

Speed Up, Lifting becomes a daily routine! “Skin elasticity in 8 minutes”

High-strength connectable ultrasound energy is transferred to the dermis and SMAS layers without damaging the skin to lift sagging or drooping skin excess skin.
Because Doublo Gold uses HIFU for treatment, the patient can feel a great deal of the effect even right after the treatment.
Patients can return to their daily life immediately after the treatment.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinicians with extensive clinical experience directly perform procedures while checking the condition of the skin. Safe and accurate treatment effects are achieved by accurately transferring energy to the required area.

Principle of JK Doublo Gold Lifting

  • Doublo Gold shoots high-strength concentrated ultrasound (HIFU) energy to a layer of dermal skin 3 ~ 4.5mm below the surface of the skin and SMS without damaging the skin. Then the thermal coagulation area is made at a size smaller than 1mm.

    The principle is that high heat reaction of more than 60 degrees occurs at these heat coagulated areas, causing sagging skin excess skin to contract and pull the skin.

    As a result, skin regeneration occurs continuously for one to three months, producing collagen and elastin which maintains its effect.

    * SMAS (Superficial Muscloaponeurotic System): the main muscular layer that causes skin irritation and wrinkles* Dermis: It is made of anti-aging technology of collagen areas which produces different types of collagen

HIFU Lifting


4.5mm deep heat coagulation point formed on the SMAS (fiber myocardial layer)


3mm deep heat coagulation points in the dermis


Collagen’s contraction and regeneration are activated around the heat coagulation point, thus simultaneously lifting in and out of the skin.


Check lifting by skin regeneration after treatment

JK Ultrasound-Laser Lifting is recommended for the following people:
  • 01If you have a wedding to attend but have a busy working schedule.

  • 02When I cannot take care of myself, Because I have to take care of my kids and husband

  • 03When I have an upcoming blind date where that first impression is important.

Air Lifting

Turning back the clock without damaging skin

Solving lifting, skin elasticity, and wrinkles at once with high-pressure energy!
A lifting procedure that pulls up not only the skin, but also subcutaneous fat and muscles
by inserting a solution deep into the skin to stimulate the dermal layer to promote collagen production.
Hyaluronic acid absorbs water molecules and increases the moisture content of the dermis to a maximum.

Air Lifting
Step 01. Before Air Jet Lifting
Step 01. Before Air Jet Lifting

Skin with reduced moisture in the dermis layer, increased fine lines and less decreased elasticity.

Step 02. Insertion of Specialized Formula
Step 02. Insertion of Specialized Formula

High pressure energy is generated from the specialized nozzle.

Step 03. Starting of Dermal Regeneration
Step 03. Starting of Dermal Regeneration

The administered solution reaches the dermal layer to produce collagen to create vibrant and youthful skin.

Step 04. See results from skin regeneration!
Step 04. See results from skin regeneration!

Check lifting through skin regeneration! You can see the changes made after the procedure. Lifting, simple and effective. See results immediately after the produce.

*Subcision: This is a safer way to induce remodeling of collagen fibers so that the new flesh comes up and wounds heal naturally.

Effects of Air Lifting

  • Lifts UP the sagging chin line
    Lifts UP the sagging chin line
  • Increased elasticity in the areas near the eyes and nasolabial folds
    Increased elasticity in the areas near the eyes and nasolabial folds
  • Increased vitality in sagging skin and fine lines
    Increased vitality in sagging skin and fine lines

JK Air Lifting Know-How

  • Skin Elasticity
    Skin Elasticity
  • Skin Lifting Tightening
    Skin Lifting Tightening
  • Instantaneous Effect Quick Recovery
    Instantaneous Effect Quick Recovery
  • Scar Improvement Function
    Scar Improvement Function
  • A face-to-face consultation/procedure by a plastic surgeon
    A face-to-face consultation/procedure by a plastic surgeon
* Because the procedure varies depending on skin type, sagging amount and muscles, a plastic surgeon is needed to make an accurate judgement.

JK Air Lifting Surgical Areas

JK Air Lifting Surgical Areas
  • 03 Injection Lifting NO! Aging Prevention – JK Slow aging

    Wrinkles to be straightened, wrinkles to be filled
    Skin requiring elasticity and moisture
    Aging prevention injection – JK Injection Lifting


Specialist in the Anti-Aging Area KEY DOCTORS In the Lifting Area EXPACT DOCTORS

Specialist in the Anti-Aging Area

Results speak for JK 20 years of diverse and extensive anti-aging procedures and surgical cases

Results speak for JK

Hygienic and safe treatment Hygiene management and design that complies with the hospital standards

Hygienic and safe treatment


Skills and experience at a different level!

Trained in a systematic course of plastic surgery through a university hospital, Plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists with more than 10 years of lifting experience



Here are selfies of our patients who received Anti-aging procedures from JK.
Here are selfies of our patients who received Anti-aging procedures from JK.
Here are selfies of our patients who received Anti-aging procedures from JK.
  • If you have hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, or if you are taking thyroid medication or any other medications, be sure to consult your coordinator.

  • As tobacco contains substances that can cause phlegm or sneezes and cause postoperative bleeding, please hold off smoking before the operation.

  • Please observe the entire fasting period before surgery.

  • On the day of the surgery, please remove contact lenses, jewelry, nail polish etc. which can interfere with the surgery.

  • Please wear comfortable attire that does not irritate the surgical area when you come for surgery.

  • Driving after surgery can be difficult.

There may be complications such as post-operative bleeding, infection or inflammation. Subjective satisfaction may vary from individual to individual, so please consult your doctor.