Back to your younger self just with a single operation

A woman's pride

JK Non-Surgical Vagina Tightening

Women age at the same rate in vagina as well as in the face.

This procedure comes from JK’s accumulated anti-aging expertise, and produces more volumunious, tighter vaginal lining.

  • NO Pain, NO Bleeding! Improvement with just one procedure

    It is not a surgical operation or plastic surgery. This is a medical treatment that does not involve pain.

  • Safe and quick recovery Without anesthesia Procedure only takes 30 minutes.

    The actual treatment will be done in 30 minutes without anesthesia. There is almost no down time, and you may return to your daily life right away. You can have the procedure done with confidence.

  • Definite Effect Resuscitation of the collagen in the vagina, Improvement of elasticity quality

    The treatment recreates and recovers collagen in the vagina at the areas of volume, improving vaginal elasticity. You may expect enhanced sexual satisfaction.

This is how we operate.

This is how we operate.
  • This is how we operate.
  • A VIVEVE tip, smaller than a tampon, is inserted in the vagina to irradiate the high temperature monopolar widely and evenly within the vaginal mucous membrane.

    A refrigerant is then sprayed to protect the vaginal surface, so even if high temperature monopolar heats the mucous membrane deeply and widely, you will only feel a warm sensation.

    The heated mucous membrane will undergo collagen regeneration over a period of 1~3 months.

  • Energy Irradiation

    The vaginal surface is protected by low temperature, while the high temperature energy radiates and heats the vaginal mucosa.

  • Collagen Generation

    Stimulation promoted in the subdural vaginal material with high temperature energy. From 30 days after the treatment, cells begin to activate and collagen begins to form within the materials of the skin.

  • Vagina Elasticity and Volume-up

    The vaginal collagen providingprocess continues for 30 to 90 days after the procedure, giving you a full effect.

This procedure is recommended to following patients.

  • 01

    People with less sexual feelings

  • 02

    People who are afraid of surgery

  • 03

    People who feel pain due to a dry vagina

  • 04

    People who experienced vaginal gas

  • 05

    People who feel the reduction of elasticity

  • 06

    People who have difficulty doing Kegel exercises

  • 07

    People who need to return directly to their daily lives

JK Vaginal Tightening Know-how

JK provides more effective know-how, with safety a top priority.

Like a rubber bands that lose elasticity over time,
Vaginal material consisting of collagen ages over time just like your skin.

“VIVEVE” by people who have undergone the JK VIVEVE surgery
  • 1

    It feels like the area is pumped up.

  • 2

    Not only my husband, but I also feel very different.

  • 3

    I really like the intense feeling that I couldn’t resist when having sex.

  • 4

    I felt like I returned to before having a baby.

  • 5

    It wasn’t feeling satisfied but my husband felt the difference just a month after the procedure, and as time passed, I feel the difference.

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There may be complications such as post-operative bleeding, infection or inflammation. Subjective satisfaction may vary from individual to individual, so please consult your doctor.