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JK Signature Toning

Skin whitening regeneration from inside the skin
Laser Toning

  • Three treatment effects for glowing skin at once Smooth and supple face without surgery

    This procedure effectively improves pigmentation, such as freckles, and improves the overall skin tone and has a whitening effect. Skin irritation and pain are minimal because only the melanin pigments in the dermis and epidermis is safely removed without damaging the surrounding tissue or creating scars.

Transparent and glowing effect Using four wavelengths

Laser-toning is a procedure that uses a high-powered laser with upgraded ND:YAG laser output of a Q-Switch method.

Unlike conventional treatment methods, a laser with wavelengths that reach the deep dermis layer of the skin is used to block melanin pigment from below the dermis.

Because a high-output laser is radiated on large areas for very short period of time, it selectively removes melanin pigments without removing normal skin skin layers or causing thermal damage.

Since it does not stimulate melanin on the skin surface, undesired side effects such as darkening skin or increased pigmentation are reduced.

  • Ruby Touch

    Are you worried about blemishes, freckles and pigmentation?

  • Gold Toning

    Are your worried about the red spots after facial flushing and acne treatment?

  • Re-vital Treatment

    Are you worried about pores and wrinkles?

Experience our hospital’s latest technology for flawless, luxurious skin.

JK Signature Toning Procedure Methods

  • 01 Ruby Touch

    Ruby Touch is the answer.

What is Ruby Touch?

This procedure is a modern treatment for blemishes and freckles. The melanin absorption is excellent, but the absorption rate for hemoglobin is relatively low making it able to selectively remove the pigmentation.

Benefits of the Ruby Touch Procedure

This procedure is a treatment for blemishes and freckles with minimum side effect compared to conventional treatments such as laser and IPL. It is the latest therapy that works better than any other treatment.

Superior Effect and Safety of Ruby Touch

Selective absorption of the melanin pigment is excellent. The procedure is completely safe due to low levels of selective absorption for blood vessels.

  • 02 Gold Toning

    The answer is Gold Toning.

What is Gold Toning treatment?

Gold Toning treatment is a state-of-the-art procedure for facial flushing, acne or red spots after acne treatment. This procedure uses laser light to treat red spots that are not improved after treatment. Gold Toning is a state-of-the-art

What is the advantage of Gold Toning treatment?

It has minimum side effects (bruising), noticeable effects and no pain during treatment. Even after treatment, it does not disrupt daily life.

Why is Gold Toning treatment effective in treating red spots after acne treatment?

Laser energy is absorbed into the red area caused by acne or acne treatment and it brings your skin back to normal by enhancing the recovery ability of the expanded capillary vessels.

  • 03 Re-vital Treatment

    Problem is Solved
    Re-vital Treatment

What is Re-vital treatment?

This procedure is the latest treatment for blemishes and freckles. Melanin absorption is excellent, but it has relatively low absorption rates for hemoglobin, meaning that pigmentation can be selectively removed.

What is the advantage of Re-vital treatment?

Strong power and large beam size allow for more fundamental treatment to the deep end of the dermis. Treatment is painless and it does not disrupt your daily life.

  • Operation Time

    Less than 10 minutes

  • Type of Anesthesia

    No anesthesia

  • Operation interval

    1~2 week interval

  • Pain

    Possible stinging feeling

  • Frequency

    Depends on the patient’s condition Example: Normally more than 5~10 time

JK Petit Surgery
Recommended program with JK Signature Toning


A reliable genuine product Effective use of standard dose

A reliable genuine product Effective use of standard dose

Total care system that is more effective when conducted together

Total care system that is more effective when conducted together

Even the simplest procedures are held to the same safety standards.

Even the simplest procedures are held to the same safety standards.

Hygienic and safe treatment

Hygienic and safe treatment


Skills and experience at a different level!

Trained in a systematic course of plastic surgery through a university hospital, Plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists with more than 10 years of lifting experience

Precautions after Operation
  • We recommend you eat foods that are rich in vitamin C.

  • Blushing and swelling recover in 1~3 days after the operation. If symptoms continue after that, please contact and visit again.

  • If scabbing occurs, it will fall off or the color will become lighter 2~3 days after treatment.

  • Supply moisture, carry out moisturization care and apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or above)

  • Apply ointment provided by the hospital to the treatment area for 1~2 days.

  • Please avoid washing your face with hot water, saunas, drinking alcohol, swimming or exercise until after 3~7 days of treatment.

  • We recommend that you avoid irritating cleansers and exfoliating agents during the procedure.

  • Temporary darkening of pigment area is normal after laser surgery.

Possible post-operative symptoms
  • Slight pain during the procedure

  • Blushing, swelling or exfoliation after the operation

  • In rare cases, pigment deposition and inflammation may occur

There may be complications such as post-operative bleeding, infection or inflammation. Subjective satisfaction may vary from individual to individual, so please consult your doctor.