Clear and Beautiful Skin

Solving skin problems all at once

Whitening Laser

  • Whitening
  • Tightening
  • Skin Tone Improvement
  • Pore Tightening
  • The key characteristic of JK La vieen BB Laser is the ‘wavelength’.

    It is a new laser that improves skin surface troubles by using water-sensitive 1927nm wavelengths.

    Collagen is contracted and pigmented lesions such as stains and blemishes are treated without damaging the epithelium, so patients can experience the effects of elasticity, pores and wrinkles at the same time.

Bright and flawless skin

Destroyed skin pigment > Skin regeneration > Pigment therapy
Resolving skin problems through skin regeneration using pigment therapy!

  • Treatment of refractory pigments that are not improved through multiple laser-tuning of IPLs
  • Whitening effect of the entire face along with pigment treatment
  • Pigment treatment as well as improvement of pores, wrinkles and elasticity at the same time
  • Short recovery time
  • Pigment Breakdown 1. Pigment Breakdown

    As skin layers regenerate, regeneration from high technology anti-agings to the epidermis is promoted.

  • Movement of Melanin Pigment 2. Movement of Melanin Pigment

    The top part of the epidermis is preserved and energy is concentrated to the border areas of the dermis and epidermis, destroying pigments and facilitating collagen synthesis of the dermis.

  • Treatment of Pigment Lesion 3. Treatment of Pigment Lesion

    Segmented pigments form a fine scab on the stratum corneum, and as they are eliminated, pigmentation is improved, pores are reduced and elasticity is enhanced.

  • 01 Pigment Treatment

    Beautiful without make-up,
    Flawless skin as if BB cream is applied

    after before 이미지
  • 02 Improved Skin Texture

    Smooth and sleek skin texture
    Improvement of skin texture created by acne scarring and pores

    after before 이미지
  • 03 Anti-Aging

    self restoring of skin layers
    Improving skin elasticity, fine wrinkles and aging skin

    after before 이미지
  • Operation Time

    20 Minutes

  • Type of Anesthesia

    Anesthetic Cream

  • Operating interval

    2~3 months interval

  • Pain

    The degree of pain varies from person to person
    (with swelling and burning)

  • Frequency

    The result can be satisfactory following one treatment, but if necessary, the operation interval is 2~3 months.



JK Petit Surgery
Program recommended with JK Whitening Laser


Reliable genuine product
A meticulous procedure


Total care system that is more effective when conducted together


Even a simple procedure is safe! Direct diagnosis and treatment by a plastic surgeon


Hygienic and safe treatment Hygiene management and design based on the hospital certification


Skills and experience at a different level!

Trained in a systematic course of plastic surgeon in a university hospital,
Simple procedures that are more natural due to long-term experience

Plastic Surgeons
성형외과 전문의
Precautions after Operation
  • We recommend you eat foods that are rich in vitamin C.

  • Blushing and swelling recover in 1~3 days after the operation. If symptoms continue after that, please contact and visit again.

  • If scabbing occurs, it will fall off or the color will become lighter 2~3 days after treatment.

  • Supply moisture, carry out moisturization care and apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or above)

  • Apply ointment provided by the hospital to the treatment area for 1~2 days.

  • Please avoid washing your face with hot water, saunas, drinking alcohol, swimming or exercise until after 3~7 days of treatment.

  • We recommend that you avoid irritating cleansers and exfoliating agents during the procedure.

  • Temporary darkening of pigment area is normal after laser surgery.

Possible post-operative symptoms
  • Slight pain during the procedure

  • Blushing, swelling or exfoliation after the operation

  • In rare cases, pigment deposition and inflammation may occur

There may be complications such as post-operative bleeding, infection or inflammation. Subjective satisfaction may vary from individual to individual, so please consult your doctor.