Boosting beauty

A resilient revival of self-confidence

JK Breast Lifting

Volume, Elasticity, Shape, Safety

because there shouldn’t be any compromise for quality.

It is not just cosmetic surgery.
We truly concern for the healthy breast.

  • Exact Diagnosis of Condition

    Through pre-surgery examination for a breast re-operation at JK, we will discuss your desired breast shape, discomfort, pain, and correction method without a time limit.

  • Refined Design

    We need to design the implants carefully, so we go over the design before surgery

  • Operation by Experienced Professional

    A plastic surgeon skilled in breast and body contour and anesthesiologist will perform the surgery. There is no shadow doctor in JK, and anesthetic procedure is also taken care 1:1 by anesthesia specialist.

  • Reliable post-operative case

    Through continuous observation of the postoperative progress by the medical staff and procedures like swelling laser, we will help you recover quickly.

JK Breast lifting will flexibly lift the sagging breast, not just reducing the size of breast

  • Normal Breast Normal Breast

    JK Breast reduction preoperative examination will discuss breast shape, discomfort and surgical method together without time limit.

  • Step 1 Step 1

    If the nipple is less than 1cm below or below the breast wrinkle level

  • Step 2 Step 2

    If the nipple is 1~3cm below the wrinkles beneath the breast, but is above the base of the breast tissue.

  • Step 3 Step 3

    If the nipple is more than 3cm below the wrinkles beneath the breast and is facing down completely

This is how we operate.

Accurate diagnosis, more efficiently
Breast Augmentation

Small breast size and less sagging

Breast augmentation performed in conjunction with implants increases the nipple and areola height by 1 to 2 cm.


Breast Augmentation
Breast Lifting

If you have drooping breasts

Adjust the position of the drooping nipple-areola to the appropriate position through an areola incision. If the upper portion of your chest is relatively weak, balance the breast shape by moving up the tissue of the sagging breast and holding it in place.

Breast Lifting
Breast Augmentation-Lifting

In case of the actual deflection is severe and the size of breast is small.

Enlarging breast size by inserting implants, while correcting the position of nipple and areola together through lifting.

Breast Augmentation-Lifting

What is different?

Our unparalleled skills and experience.
  • Trustful Operation Environment

    Breast surgery is done in aseptic operating room assured by international standard specification, completely blocking the external contaminating factors. Plastic surgeons and anesthesiologist with more than 10 years of experience are responsible for 1:1 care.

  • Pain DOWN, recovery speed UP

    Minimal incision further reduces recovery time and pain.

  • Special Postoperative Care

    Through continuous observation of the postoperative progress by the medical staff and procedures like swelling laser, we will assist you with the quick recovery.


Our unparalleled skills and experience

Plastic surgeon systematically trained at university hospitals
Plastic surgeon with more than 10 years of experience in body contouring


  • Reservation and Inquiry

    You may request reservation, consultation and inquiries simply and conveniently using your preferred method, such as Kakaotalk, phone-mobile e-mail and homepage. JK Plastic Surgery Clinic is operated on a pre-booked basis to ensure safe surgical time for the medical staff and sufficient counseling.

  • Visit and Reception

    When you visit our hospital as scheduled, we will check the patient's information and fill out a medical card to receive the application. JK Plastic Surgery Clinic is the first healthcare institution to receive the Ministry of Health and Welfare's designation as a foreign patient-attracting hospital. We have a team of professionals providing customer service, such as nurses and counseling coordinators including 1:1 full-time medical translation coordinators (English, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese) to serve patients from abroad.

  • Consultation

    By adopting the multidisciplinary approach with plastic surgeons specializing in respective plastic surgery areas, JK Plastic Surgery Clinic communicates with patients to discuss and propose the best surgical plan for them, and explains precautions for surgical procedures and possible adverse effects of such procedures.

  • Ministry of Health and Welfare Certified Care System

    2JK Plastic Surgery is the only institution in Korea to be recognized by the quality of service and the stability of the patient at the Ministry of Health and Welfare's certification of a medical institution to attract foreign patient in 2016. JK Plastic Surgery provides a systematic treatment system that meets over 120 strict criteria, including patient safety, fire safety and surgical/procedural management.

  • Preoperative Testing

    Preoperative examinations are essential for safe surgery. Chest X-Ray and EGC tests are conducted to guarantee safe anesthesia and blood tests. Based on the exam results, we check the patient's conditions of liver function, heart function, kidney function, long disease and anemia. These preoperative examinations determine whether the patient is in good enough health to endure surgery and general anesthesia before we check the patient's condition and medical examination results.

  • Surgery

    Before entering the surgery, you must complete a consent form and receive sufficient guidance on the postoperative precautions. The final consultation with the doctor again to demonstrate the direction of the surgery, and then the medical team will go ahead with the surgery. Surgery is performed under the guidance of a surgeons with more than 10 years of experience dedicated to each area. Specialist anesthesiologists monitor the entire procedure in real time.

  • Postoperative Recovery Hospitalization

    Following the surgery, every patient will be placed in intensive care in the recovery room until they return to their normal physical condition. Patient will also be hospitalized following the surgery if necessary. JK's safety system is on all around the color under the supervision of our anesthesiologists, nurses and medical staff.

  • Follow-up care after discharge

    Follow-up care after discharge To reduce swelling and help patients recover quickly after discharge from the hospital, JK is running a surgery-specific "Recovery" program to provide thorough care for the patient's prompt recovery.


Before & After

  • If you have hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes, or if you are taking any thyroid medication or other medications, consult your coordinator.

  • Since tobacco contains substances that can cause phlegm or sneeze and cause postoperative bleeding, stop smoking before the operation.

  • Please observe the entire fasting period before surgery.

  • Please remove contact lenses, precious metals, nail polish etc. on the day of surgery.

  • Please wear comfortable clothes to avoid contact with the surgical site.

  • Driving after the surgery is not recommended.

There may be complications such as post-operative bleeding, infection or inflammation. Subjective satisfaction may vary from individual to individual, so please consult your doctor.