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Motiva Breast Augmentation

Motiva Breast Augmentation

JK’s Motiva True Innovation

Next-generation high-tech implants to guarantee beauty

  • Better feel, shape, and safety!
    High-end Implants Motiva

    With JK’s technical skills and high-end implants
    We guarantee advanced surgical outcomes and increased satisfaction

Safety of Motiva

Certified by Europe CE / Certified by Korea Food and Drug Safety Ministry / ISO 13485 Certified

Motiva has been recognized by GMP for the satisfactory safety and quality levels of their manufactured and imported medical devices. In Korea, the brand will receive a certificate after an examiner from the Korean Food and Drug Administration finishes auditing local manufacturing facilities.

The brand also was certified as an integrated standard certification mark by meeting the requirements of EU social guidelines on safety, health, the environment and consumer protection.

Motiva has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and its manufacturing facilities are manufactured in a safe environment with ISO 13485 in compliance with the international standards.

Safety of Motiva

Natural Breast Contours and Shape of Motiva

Motiva has an excellent durability and a Motiva implants contains an ergonomically-designed silicone gel on the outer skin. It thus provides great precision and flexibility reducing the amount of area for an incision.

Silicone gel contained in the Motiva implants offers great high viscoelasticity and moves fluidly under gravity.

It has a natural droplet shape when you are standing. It naturally flattens when you lie down


  • Shell High-Performance Integument
    Shell High-Performance Integument
    This product provides remarkable elasticity that reduces incisions during surgery, as well as remarkable precision that prevents it from affecting the surrounding areas of the tissue during placement.
  • Silicone Gel Properties
    Silicone Gel Properties
    Made with silicone gel that has passed FDA’s various chemical/physical/biological tests it can remain placed within a human body for a long time.
  • Controlled surfaces
    Controlled surfaces
    Uses specialized surface tissue without containing salt or sugar that can damage the outer skin of the implants.
  • BluSeal®
    BluSeal-Layer is a special technology to check the product safety status of Motiva implants that appear on the Motiva Implant Matrix.
  • UDI Microtransponder(RFID) (UDI)
    UDI Microtransponder(RFID) (UDI)
    VeriTeq’s UDI Microtransponder (RFID), a manual velocity identification device, can be used in the human body. It is the identification device that can be used in breast implants. This product makes it easy to get a clear and accurate breast implant information.
  • Extended Warranty (Warranty System)
    Extended Warranty (Warranty System)
    Warranty is provided for Step 3 and 4 of capsular contracture, or rupture within five years after the operation
  • Operation Time

    1.5 Hours

  • Anesthetic Method

    General Anesthesia

  • Stitch Removal

    10 days after surgery

  • Hospitalization

    Discharge in the afternoon for morning operations 1 day hospitalization for operations in the afternoon


Our unparalleled skills and experience

Plastic surgeon systematically trained at university hospitals
Plastic surgeon with more than 10 years of experience in body contouring


  • Preoperative Examination

    Preoperative examinations are essential for safe surgery. Chest X-Ray and EGC tests are conducted to guarantee safe anesthesia and blood tests. Based on the exam results, we check the patient’s conditions of liver function, heart function, kidney function, long disease and anemia. These preoperative examinations determine whether the patient is in good enough health to endure surgery and general anesthesia before we check the patient’s condition and medical examination results.

  • Breast Cancer Screening and Checking for Abnormalities

  • Minimal Stripping -Safe Implants -Breast Surgery Task Force

    Before entering the surgery, you must complete a consent form and receive sufficient guidance on the postoperative precautions. Through the patient’s final consultation with the doctor, we make sure the patient understands the objectives of the surgery. Then, our medical team will proceed with the surgery. The operation is performed under the supervision of plastic surgeons with more than 10 years of experience in breast surgery. Anesthesiology specialists monitor the entire procedure in real time.

  • Postoperative Recovery -Hospitalization

    Following the inpatient surgery, every patient will be placed in intensive care in the recovery room until they return to their normal physical condition. Patient will also be hospitalized following the surgery if necessary. JK’s safety system is on all around the color under the supervision of our anesthesiologists, nurses and medical staff.

  • Follow-up care after discharge

    To reduce swelling and help patients recover quickly after discharge from the hospital, JK runs a surgery-specific “recovery” program to provide thorough care for the patient’s prompt recovery.


Before & After

This is the selfie of the actual patients who had breast surgery at JK
This is the selfie of the actual patients who had breast surgery at JK
This is the selfie of the actual patients who had breast surgery at JK
  • If you have hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes, or if you are taking any thyroid medication or other medications, consult your coordinator.

  • Since tobacco contains substances that can cause phlegm or sneeze and cause postoperative bleeding, stop smoking before the operation.

  • Please observe the entire fasting period before surgery.

  • Please remove contact lenses, precious metals, nail polish etc. on the day of surgery.

  • Please wear comfortable clothes to avoid contact with the surgical site.

  • Driving after the surgery is not recommended.

There may be complications such as post-operative bleeding, infection or inflammation. Subjective satisfaction may vary from individual to individual, so please consult your doctor.