JK Eye Surgery Options

We all have different eye shapes.

Find the best option that suits your face.
Get an eye-catching result.

Maximize Your EYES-

Surgery options vary depending on the patient’s needs.

We combine our safety philosophy, which we have observed for over 20 years, with our expertise to offer you the best option.
We give your eyes a natural and beautiful appearance that suits your face.

  • Accurate diagnosis

    We accurately assess the amount of eyelid skin and fat, current eye shape, double eyelid fold height and symmetry, and eyelid muscles. We can provide a more accurate evaluation 6 months after the first operation.

  • Delicate design

    First during consultation, next in the operating room, and finally again on in bed. We design delicate lines for more precise correction.

  • Operations performed by skilled specialists

    Surgeries are performed by our specialist with over 10 years of experience in eye surgery, and our anesthesiologist works one on one with the patient.

  • Satisfactory postoperative care

    We get similar feedback from our patients that they are satisfied with a natural outcome, and that bruises and swelling disappear more quickly than they thought.

This is how we perform surgeries:

More accurate diagnosis, more efficient surgical method

Our plastic surgeon with plenty of experience in extensive revision surgery can give an accurate analysis of the cause of surgical failure, and offer your eyes a more natural appearance.

  • Small eyes and thin skin

    Simple surgery with less swelling and scarring can create beautiful double eyelid lines.
    The non-incision method is the best option, and the JK non-incision method naturally minimizes scarring and swelling.

    Small eyes and thin skin
    Surgical Method

    We make three to five small incisions of 1 mm in the skin of the upper eyelid. This surgery is performed by stitching the upper eyelid muscle to the dermis layer using a non-absorbable suture.

    작은 눈 얇은 피부 수술방법
    TIP!The eyelid crease created using the non-incisional method can disappear due to thick skin and muscles or excess fat. It is important to find the best option for you through an accurate assessment of slight differences in the amounts of fat and muscle on the eyelids, bone and skin types.
  • Thick skin, fat and muscle make your eyes look droopy and swollen. You should consult medical specialists with plenty of experience before surgery.
    If you want only a small amount of fat removed, we recommend the partial incision method. In case of thick and stiff muscle and skin, we apply the incision method to create a clear and natural double eyelid line.

    작은 눈 두툼한 피부
    Surgical Method

    Partial Incision Method
    We use this method to make a small incision of approximately 3~4mm in the designed double eyelid line by stitching the skin dermal layer to the upper part of the skin

    작은 눈 두툼한 피부 수술방법1

    Incision Method
    Cut along the designed double eyelid line -> Eliminate excess fat, muscle, subcutaneous tissue and skin -> Use a non-absorbable suture to stitch the upper part of the skin directly to the dermal layer.

    작은 눈 두툼한 피부 수술방법2
    TIP!Excessive fat or muscle removal can cause sunken eyes, multiple creases on the eyelid, or unwanted surgicla scars. Therefore, surgery must be performed by an experienced medical team.
  • Eyes look wide apart mostly because of the epicanthus. Therefore, it can be corrected by performing epicanthoplasty through which the epicanthus slightly opens up.
    However, if there are other causes of eyes looking far apart, we recommend the Ptosis Correction surgery and double eye lid surgery. If it is difficult so solve the problem with epicanthoplasty, surgeries on the other sites such as nose may be required as well.

    Large Distance Between the Eyes
    Surgical Method

    The scar is concealed in the corner of the eye and the eyelash of the lower eyelid by repositioning the skin of the inner corner of the eye. While the scar may initially appear to be red with maturity approaching, it will be barely noticeable in 2 to 3 months.

    눈 사이 멀어보이는 눈 수술방법
    TIP!A little bit too much epicanthoplasty can cause eye look centered or expose too much tear gland.
    It is important to consult experienced medical staff since the surgery has to be performed by taking into consideration the overall balance between the eye and the face.
  • Lateral canthoplasty and lateral hotz will help identify and correct the beautiful proportions and angles that match your face.
    JK’s canthoplasty and lateral hotz are performed securely on the eye ligament with minimal incision. It can be corrected with gentle eyes without worrying about “folding” complications
    Also, you will be more satisfied with the eyelids that match the corners of your eyes.

    Oblique Eyes
    Surgical Method

    After making an incision, we extend the eyelash line from the upper eyelid to the lower eyelid to prevent re-adhesion. The lower eyelashes are naturally elongated, making your eyes look deeper.
    In some cases, pulling eye in the outward direction is required to keep the eye tail in its original shape.

    눈 꼬리가 올라간 눈 수술방법
    TIP!Canthoplasty and Lateral Hotz are very delicate procedures. It is important to plan the surgery by taking into consideration the patients’ bones, muscles, skin and all the other physical conditions.
    Most importantly, you should consult a medical team with plenty of experience in eye surgery for a thorough examination before getting surgery on your eyes at the length and angle that best suit your needs.
  • It requires a demanding procedure that involves adjustment of the muscle that controls eyelid opening, but the patient will be very satisfied with a more defined eye shape.
    If the muscle that controls eyelid opening is weak, we can perform an incision or non-incisional ptosis correction, depending on the patient’s skin type, the drooping of the eyelids, and the strength required to open the eye.
    We recommend an incision method for those with weak muscle that controls eyelid opening, with severe drooping, or with thick eyelids. If your eyelids are thin and the muscle of eyelid opening is not so weak, we recommend a non-incision ptosis correction.

    Sleepy Eyes
    Surgical Method

    The upper eyelid muscle and Muller’s muscle are tied together with a knot on the back of the eyelid to reduce the force of the eye opening, thus turning it into a clearer eye.
    Because the skin is not incised and the eyelike tissue is not damaged, there are no external scarring, and the recovery period is short due to lack of swelling and bruising.
    In addition, if you still look sleepy after double eyelid surgery, and you can make your eyes cool without double eyelid, natural correction is possible with this procedure.

    졸려보이는 눈 수술방법
    TIP!Excessive muscle adjustment during an eye correction procedure can result in raised eyes or prevent natural closure.
    At JK, our medical team with plenty of experience helps identify the right amount of exposure of the patient’s pupil to give the eyes a naturally beautiful look.
  • Everyone has some degree of asymmetry, but noticeable asymmetry can make the face severely unbalanced and requires correction surgery.
    There are many causes of asymmetry between the left and right eyelids, so it is most important to identify the cause and find the best surgery option for you.
    You will need ptosis surgery if there is a difference between the eyelids in the strength of the muscle that controls eyelid opening.

    Asymmetrical Double Eyelids
    TIP!If the double eyelid is only on one side, the other side can be operated by non-incision method. However, it can be slightly different from the natural double eyelids, which eventually requires correction on both sides.
  • Multiple folds are created by repeated crumpling of excess skin, and they are different from normal double eyelids.
    We perform a procedure to create a crease in the appropriate site of the eyelid, which will make the other folds disappear naturally.
    You can choose the right surgery option by taking into consideration your skin condition, orbital fat, and desired eye shape.

    Multiple Folds

  • We used to transplant the entire area of the dermis, which was removed from the skin to correct the entire area of the dermis. However, this technique is no longer commonly used, and has been replaced by micro fat grafting.
    If the condition is not very severe, simply relocating the fat pocket of the upper eyelid will do. In case of severely sunken eyes, grafting some fat from the thigh or abdomen is more effective.

    Sunken Eyes
    TIP!Unlike women, men should pay attention to surgical scars because it is difficult for them to cover them with makeup.
    It is thus important to consult medical staff with plenty of experience and skills to choose the right surgical method that best suits your physical needs.

Eye surgery specialists with

Eye surgery specialists with

Outcomes prove JK’s expertise

Outcomes prove JK’s expertise

Outcomes prove JK’s

Outcomes prove JK’s


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Before & After

This is a selfie taken by an actual patient who received eye surgery at JK.
This is a selfie taken by an actual patient who received eye surgery at JK.
This is a selfie taken by an actual patient who received eye surgery at JK.
  • If you have hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes, or if you are taking any thyroid medication or other medications, consult your coordinator.

  • Since tobacco contains substances that can cause phlegm or sneeze and cause postoperative bleeding, stop smoking before the operation.

  • Please observe the entire fasting period before surgery.

  • Please remove contact lenses, precious metals, nail polish, etc. on the day of surgery.

  • Please wear comfortable clothes to avoid contact with the surgical site.

  • Driving after the surgery is not recommended.

There may be complications such as post-operative bleeding, infection or inflammation. Subjective satisfaction may vary from individual to individual, so please consult your doctor.