JK Hair Loss Treatment

Diagnosis of Hair Loss,
From Medication Treatment to Surgical Procedure

JK Scalp and Hair Loss Management Program Process

Systematic and patient-specific management program for different causes of hair loss and scalp condition. JK Omnibus Program

  • Step 01 CONSULTING

    The first step is to determine the direction of patient care by identifying patient's lifestyle, stress level and family history.

  • Step 02 Scalp and Cucullaris Relax

    This step will help smooth nutrition supply to the head by assisting muscle relaxation and blood circulation with the Cucullaris massage.


    This step keeps the scalp clean and healthy through suppressing the growth of germs by eliminating excessive staining, sebum and waste matters from the scalp.


    This step eliminates once again the remaining sebum oxide and fine dust.

  • Step 05 Ultrasound/Steam Ion

    This step supplies moisture around the scalp and pores while helping remove waste and foreign substances easily.

  • Step 06 Shampoo and Cool Green Scalp Circulation

    This step uses high-functioning drugs to maintain biological balance and to stimulate hair follicles by providing oxygen and nutrients.

  • Step 07 Laser and Ultrasonic Rolling

    This step uses a scalp-only product self-developed by DR. JK to clean waste and nourish the scalp and hair.

  • Step 08 Supply Nutrient Ampoule

    This step provides the right nutrition for a healthy scalp environment with DR. JK NUTRITION AMPOULE, which contains various vitamins and essential amino acids.

  • Step 09 Mesotherapy

    The professional step that only medical staff can perform. This step involves a direct injection of medication into scalp, containing various hormones and growth factors related to the hair growth and nutrients such as essential amino acids and vitamins necessary for healthy scalp.

What is Depilatory Cytokine Therapy Containing Growth Factor?

The mesotherapy, performed at JK, activates hair follicles by directly injecting medication containing six growth factors and active ingredients, such as hormone regularing follecule activation and growth factor, into the hair loss area.

This eventually prevents hair loss and assists hair growth. The therapy is only available at the hospital because this procedure is operated through a subcutaneous injection.

Q. Why Do We Need Depilatory Cytokine Therapy?
A. It slows speed of hair loss. How?
  1. Suppressing root cause of hair loss
  2. Supplying blood and nutrients
  3. Accelerating differentation of hair loss area
  4. Strengthening connective tissue
  5. Preventing weakening of hair follicles
  6. Preventing hair damage and normalizing scalp condition
There may be complications such as post-operative bleeding, infection or inflammation. Subjective satisfaction may vary from individual to individual, so please consult your doctor.