• For rapid recovery and regeneration after surgery


    20 years of expertise,
    Postoperative care is streamlined

Zero postoperative swelling system

For faster and more effective recovery,

  • Restoration of wounds through promotion of blood circulation and lymphatic circulation

  • Inflammation relief, swelling improvement

  • Personalized care program using Dr. JK Cosmetics in Research and Development by JK Plastic Surgeons
Keratin Care

Clear off accumulated keratin and sebum after surgery

Ultrasonic Care

Lymphatic circulation, cell activation, muscle relaxation, nutrition, elasticity enhancement

High Frequency Care

Lymphatic circulation, excretion of wastes, muscle relaxation, pain management and prevention of postoperative skin care

Body Circulation Management

Increased blood flow in capillaries will relieve congested edema in the body, improve lymphatic circulation and manage cellulite.

Spa & Aesthetic Program

Cypress Spa Therapy
The Royal(皇) - Full Body
SPA Full Body Spa (150")

It is a wellness spa program that includes a glass of warm herb tea in a cypress tree bath.

This program is a top-of-the-line care program that uses a handful of Dr. JK Recovery Cream developed by our hospital throughout the body. You will get a full body and mental relaxation through the inhalation of phytoncide.
Hand-in-hand therapy of professional therapist eliminates fatigue and toxins from the body, improves whole-body blood circulation and body energy.

The Relaxing(休) - Foot Spa
Foot Spa (40")

According to the Donguibogam, a medical book that is a UNESCO cultural heritage in Korea, people should “keep their head cool and the feet warm” in order to maintain smooth blood circulation and ideal body condition to ensure good health.
A cypress tree foot bath stimulates blood circulation in feet and calves to relieve coldness.
This therapy relaxes the foot, which is considered as the second heart, and swelling and bandaged calf muscles and lymph nodes with hand-in-hand therapy to help restore balance and fatigue.

Body Treatment
Back Care ( 70")

Stress-induced muscle relaxation and pain relief

Lower Body Care (90")

Promoting blood circulation and mitigating cellulite and edema

Breast Care (30")

Stimulating chest muscles to increase blood circulation and elasticity while relieving stress of women

Abdominal Care (40")

This care helps release of toxins from the body and is effective in controlling constipation, digestive disorders and obesity

Facial Treatment


Moisturizing Care (60”)

Nourishing at the same time as exfoliating

Sensitive Skin Care (90”)

Hypoallergenic regenerative care that normalizes sensitive skin that suffers from redness and flushing

Elasticity Care (90”)

It gives skin a tightening effect, which relieves wrinkles by giving it elasticity.

Acne Care (100”)

Eradication and alleviation of pores and acne by removing percolated sebum

Moisture Care (90")

PHA and Vitamin A, C, and E are effective for skin vitality. Best for dull, tired skin in need of moisturizing and brightening.


Magic Peeling (90")

This program reduces hair follicles with AHA and BHA solutions that remove dead skin and keratin from the pores.
This is effective at the early stages of acne.

Brightening Ⅰ(90")

Vitamin C penetrates deep into the skin using ionic stimulation to prevent pigment deposition and to give whitening effect.

Hydra Clinic (90")

This program strengthens skin barriers of dry and dehydrated skin by continuously supplying moisture for a long time

Brightening Ⅱ (90")

This program is an intensive whitening care that reduces the amount of melanin produced and helps reduce and remove pigments while promoting cell growth.

Oxygen Care (90")

This program removes active oxygen that causes skin aging, by helping supplying strong oxygen and heavy metal detoxification.

Hormone Care (90")

This program is an anti-aging care that solves skin trouble, skin elasticity and dermal dryness from hormonal imbalance.

Collagen Care (90")

This is a V-line baby face care combining collagen and elastic banding, which penetrates ionized calcium deep into the skin to enhance skin detoxification and immunity.

Gold Stem Cell (90")

This program is a powerful skin recovery management that helps remove wastes and fine dust from the skin for regeneration using the 24K gold patch.

Hydro peeling (90”)

This program is a hypoallergenic moisture peeling that maintains a film of moisture with PHA antioxidant and improves skin texture.

Wedding-Prenatal Treatment
JK Wedding Care

This is JK’s unique facial and body regenerative elastic circulation program for the most glorious moment.

JK Prenatal & Postnatal Care

This program helps pregnant women to give a healthy birth and recover through full-body circulation and body shape management considering their physical condition before and after childbirth.

Effect of Prenatal Care

This program helps stabilize the rapid changes in women’s body during pregnancy, and helps to balance their body by relieving stretch marks and edema.
You can also experience pain relief on the D-line by solving internal and external stress together.

  • - Emotional interaction between the fetus and the mother
  • - Improvement of the circulatory system during pregnancy
  • - Prevention of edema and stretch marks
  • - Mitigation of shoulder and back pain
Postnatal Special Care Effect

Using Dr. JK Stem Cell cosmetics, you can quickly experience increased skin immunity, improved complexion and tightening effects on sagging skin after childbirth.

  • - Toxin Emission
  • - Blood Circulation, Edema Remediation
  • - Fat Decomposition, Cellulite Reduction and Slimming
Scalp Treatment
Scalp Care (60")

This program allows the blood circulation of the scalp by expelling exfoliating substances, sebum and waste materials in the pores of the scalp to increase oxygen and nutrition to prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair production.

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